Bali Dirt Bike Adventure (47)No matter if you’re only able to join us for a half day tour or join us for an epic week long enduro tour, you’ll be sure to experience a range of amazing sights and sounds. Jungle, forest, farmland, rice paddies, waterfalls, beaches and lakes – it’s all here for you to traverse at Bali Dirt Bike Tours and all only an hour drive from your hotel lobby.

Due to the huge amount of trails available, we’re able to customise our tours for all rider levels. When you arrive at our base camp, we’ll get you to have a few laps around our motocross track to assess what level of trail we think you’ll be capable of handling. As the day progresses, we’ll constantly modify things to fit your experience and fitness levels too.

Our half day tour is designed for novice riders who want to see some of the real Bali, but also more advanced and competent riders who have limited time.

Our full day tour can also cater for less experienced riders although more advanced riders will obviously be able to see more and travel further on their trip.

Our two day central Bali tour and west Bali tour are our most popular, but we also provide multiple day tours consisting of three, four, five and six day programs that are designed for experienced riders who are willing and able to negotiate more technical trails.

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