Bali Dirt Bike Adventure Tours was originally started as Bali Wilderness Adventures, a community based adventure and nature expedition organization based in Alas Ukir, Pupuan, Central Bali in 2008. Initiated, owned and operated by Subak Abian and Gede Wirawan, the two have played a major role in setting up some of the leading adventure tours & companies in Bali and Indonesia.

Gede has explored Borneo, Java, Sulawesi, Lesser Sunda Islands, Papua and other parts of Indonesia. He knows the island inside and out and has explored every part of these regions by motorcycle, dirt bike, 4 x 4 Jeep & inflatable river raft and other craft for over 25 years before finally deciding to start Bali Wilderness Adventures in 2008 to share his passion in exploring the area’s wilderness with others.

Bali Dirt Bike Adventure (40)With his long experience and involvement in pioneering Indonesia’s adventure activities, Gede and the team will ensure you to have a memorable wilderness & nature experience.

Most importantly, Bali Dirt Bike Adventure Tours has a strong presence int he local community. Every weekend, hundreds of local riders head out from our motocross track and make a small donation to the local farming community, raising up to $500 in a weekend to give back to many Balinese who work in difficult conditions. Not only is Bali Dirt Bike Adventure Tours totally owned by locals, it employs many young and upcoming riders who have the opportunity to further their riding careers.

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